Via's Masterpiece

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A Collection of Narrative Poetries

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Chapter One: A Blind Painter

As she gently strokes her paint brush with ease

She can feel the serenity of blue

Smooth affection for joyfulness of pink

The renewal and growth of life of green

The orange's prosperity and passion

The merriment and excitement of pink

Though she cannot see the vibrant colors

Due to a loss vision in womanhood

A painter for most time since her childhood

She still continues to paint for passion

Yet within the solitude of her room

She continues to do her art passion

Each stroke of brush's a relief to her grief

To escape into a magical world

After a long nights of storm and thunders

To turn the heavy burden of anguish

Into none other than pure joyfulness

Alongside the cool winds from windows

That gives her more the feeling of comfort

She yet attempts to paint the peaceful skies,

The yellowish brown mountains and the hills

The smoothing waves of the running river,

And grasses with various flowers on them.

Lost into the excessive happiness,

She felt the wind that blows from side windows Became cooler and more refreshing

What it feels for the first time in various years

She suddenly sensed the brightness of light,

The sounds of indistinct sudden voices

They became louder like thunders from night

That she finally lost touch of her brush.

Within a few seconds of stranger things

She became indifferent to her place,

She feels she no longer sits on her chair

But rather on a wide field of grasses

She could strongly smell the various flowers.

She examined her place through sense of smell

She clearly attempted to hold the flowers

Terrified and confused for what happened,

She tried to scream to see if she's alone

The winds just went stronger that its harshness

The sound of waves of river's clamorous

She continues to walk more steps forward,

Unknown where she wishes to head to.

Though lost in confusion on how she came

She suddenly felt a sense of relief

The same as when one's chains have been broken

And be set free from the complete silence

She just walks to examine her new place

With her heightened sense of the touch and smell

Until her feet touched waves of the river

She leaned towards it to wash her dry face

The water feels cold and completely clean

The moment her hand touches the water

All of her stresses were suddenly healed

For the first time in her life, she felt free.

Without the need of approval of people,

She felt she had met her true self

Filled with merriment from what she just felt

She only continued to flash water

She finally has seen the shade of blue

Truly, words are not enough to describe

For surprise and gladness for her healed sight,

She looked above to see her surroundings

She looked at her own modern fashion sense

For she entered the scene with the same clothes.

She can now clearly see the brown mountains,

The flowers with grass and waves of river.

She was amazed that tears of joy streamed down.

Fully glazed at the mesmerizing sight

She ran around, touched every flower

She held sight of two mountains from afar

She tried to swim in the flowing river

She played around with the energy

Of the nature that she has just created

She continued to glaze around and walked

On every step on grasses to enjoy

'I can't believe my painting is this beautiful'

said she to herself on every detail

Of the creation she proudly painted

'I am very happy you can see them.'

Another voice has struck from her behind

She then turned around to see who it was
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