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My writings are true inspirations with a message that shine within. We can all live some experiences through others, as an outsider you can see things that the person living the experience can not see. A short writing that sums up alot of events to give you the cream of the crop. Every time you read the same writing, you unfold a different message.

Poetry / Romance
Alain Abboud
Age Rating:

But only if they know!

Sometimes we cross path with people who carry a message to us, without them knowing.

A message that refuels our dreams,
a message that inspires us,
a message that reminds us of who we truly are.

We connect with them on a different level. Even if we barely speak. We understand the message just by looking into their eyes.

We often wish they don't leave because we want them to show us the way and because we hold a special place for them in our heart.
But Only if they know
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