Rose Kisses

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A woman is in love with a man in her dreams. Can she get him in reality along with her sexual fantasies?

Poetry / Romance
Pink Rose
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🥀 𝐇𝐢𝐦🥀

I shouldn’t be thinking of him this way...
But why am I?
Is it not over?
Or is this just the beginning?
All of my thoughts of him
Some are pure and sweet
Some are dirty and naughty

Seeming him in my dreams and full of hope one day
Everyday I wonder how he is
Does he think about me too?
My heart pounds when I think about him.
His lips......
I want a taste
They look so sweet and plumply.

I need to get him out of my head.
Focus for the day and watch the time go by
instead of thinking of him

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