Confession of a scribe (Poems)

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Chapter 2: The 7 deadley sins: Envy

The 7 deadly sins: Envy

Oh, so now she gives him wine
Yesterday they had a stroll
When tomorrow comes it will find her
Proudly dancing on his pole

Though I am to meet her yet,
One thing I will not forget
And that is to hate her more
For being someone he adores
“That’s not nice!” I’ll hear them curse,
“What an ugly thought to have!”
But I tell you what is worse:
Wanting something you can’t have.

Not until I’ll fling my anger
Will I get a moment’s rest,
Envy burns me deep inside
While I place smiles on my face.

If I am to be absolved
That implies I should forget,
And all those moments shared between us
Were not meant to spell “Regret”

I will pay for all my sins,
And I know the cost too well,
They can have their nights in Heaven
While I’ll gladly dine in Hell.


A.N. Love costs nothing for those who bask in it, but it costs so much for those for whom it is unrequited. And yet we cannot help loving for free...

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