Confession of a scribe (Poems)

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Chapter 3: Sink or swim

Sink or swim

I hear waves as they are crashing
In deafening chilling roar,
Wind turns sand to tiny lashes,
Skies are grey as rain will pour

I’m departing on a voyage
Oh you mighty angry sea,
And once I’ll sail towards the horizon
You will be the death of me

I will fall into your swells
As on a shroud of ice and pain,
And I’ll soak my sinful ego
In you salty waves of green

I so wondered why your waters
Have the sour and pungent taste.
It’s from sorrows you have drowned,
And the pains you have erased.

When the tide will bring me safely
To the shattered glossy shore
I’ll emerge with a clearer conscience,
But half the man I was before

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