Confession of a scribe (Poems)

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Chapter 4: Pact with an insomniac

Pact with an insomniac

I’ve tried to sleep down to the wire,
And as I toss and turn in bed,
I can’t help but feel devoured
By the nightmares in my head

I am wide awake and ponder
"What pact should I sign in blood?"
With my tormentor from the shadows,
To hope to get a peaceful night

He tries to scare me back to sleep,
And threatens me at point of a gun,
Thinking it will sparse my nightmares
Leaving peaceful thoughts in turn

Oh but the sweet release I’ll sample
From the cold metal of that barrel,
Pressed hard against my temple,
Waiting on him to start and fire

You might think I fear a bullet,
But that’s how I’ll get the sleep I want,
No more worries no more troubles,
If I just sign his damned plan

So to my saboteur, I whisper: “Come,
Show your face in candlelight”,
And as I step towards the mirror
I see the gun tight in my hand!

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