Confession of a scribe (Poems)

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Chapter 5: The endless game

The endless game

In case you cannot understand
Why life gave you a failing hand
You take that hand where lessons dwell
And make sure you will learn them well

When you feel trapped inside a cage
Do not escape, stay centre stage
As you can turn it inside out
And trap inside it all your doubt

And if it hurts to move away
But burns as much if you will stay
Just spread your wings dance in the rain
The drops will take away your pain

Don’t be afraid to shout it out
All that you feel, fear, love and doubt
Now take the book of life, write in your name
Because you won this endless game

Oh, who am I kidding?

Do not look so condescending,
Know that I was just pretending
I give advice but I take none
And act just like the faithless nun

I love the loveless, follow the blind
And chase illusions in the night
I fight my battles with this pen
That rhymes on things I learned hard and well

Life always wins this endless game!

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