Confession of a scribe (Poems)

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Chapter 7: Existence as a fair

Is it fate or is it hand made
What lays written on your path?
When deciding your direction
Is it God that guides your footsteps
Towards the end that lays in sight?

When it comes to taking chances
Take a chance and join the fair
Don’t be scared to take a spin on fate’s own carousel.
You will either get off nicely
Or you will be thrown in hell

Or you can play the wheel of fortune
Where Fortuna plays the blind.
While you gullibly push buttons
She will have humongous laughs
Placing bets against your life

Roller coaster thrills are waiting
Plunge headfirst on the steep dive
And you leave your heart behind.
Or you can opt to keep you heart
Yet it is sure you’ll lose your mind

With more attractions on your road
And before you’ll choose a ride
You should ask the gods above:

“If I wage the life I’m living
Can I win the life I love?”

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