Confession of a scribe (Poems)

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Chapter 8: Verdict and appeal

Silence heart! You stand ACCUSED!

You’ve left my mind and body bruised.
I’ve let you rule, instead, you’ve plundered
The vaulted treasures I have gathered.
You forfeit my sense and sensibility
When you broke the safe and let them flee,
And you started spending my affections
Without common sense or notion.

Silence heart! You are to HANG!

And dangle by the old oak tree,
Where we have met some time ago
And when you boldly said to me :
“You let me rule, follow my path,
And what you hold so dear in life
-Sense and Sensibility-
They will be of no use to thee.
You let me rule, I’ll set you free!”

I’ve trusted you my dear old heart,
But you were just the journeyman.
Plaiting the rope, that was your part.
Now you’re to blame, I am to hang!

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