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Anthem of a Hero: The Yangtze River Tale

Once upon a time drought and disease befell the land.

The wise gods of the mountain took note and sighed,

What could have been the cause of such a dreaded plight?

Look there, oh gracious gods! The mystery is unveiled,

For here stand the vicious demons Liang and Wang.

With fire and with spells they make our people wail

And raise to the sky their prayers for goodness to prevail.

The gods are good and just and love the people most.

How could such a plea make an immortal flee?

No time was to be wasted!

With roaring and with thunder a fiery dragon awakens,

from underneath the mountain.

The gods behest the mighty beast to take a holy vow

And make those rotten demons bow.

Fear not good people of the land,

This dragon is a god’s revered hand.

One by one he will ease your pains

And bring over you sweet peace again.

But how would the people not fear a fiery dragon?

The dragon’s wise, he thought of that.

And brought with himself a disguise,

to appear to be a holy monk.

The demons stood and watched and writhed.

Their evil plan seemed not to be fated.

They could not back down without a fight

And came to engage the gods’ holy knight.

The monk has skills, no doubt in sight,

And seemed a winner in their fight.

But the demons had one last evil plan;

To scorch the people and their land.

Our fair dragon, dressed as a monk,

Was brave and wise and kind at heart.

How could he stop the devils’ hand?

There was but one thing he could do,

And begged for the gods to aid him too.

They needed water by their side

So, the dragon turned into a river, deep, fast and wide.

Hail Yangtze, the Holy River! The people cheered

And came to worship him in haste.

To this day still, they bow at will

For their faith was not ill misplaced.

(Excerpt from The Flower on the Riverbank - Book 3 The Bud)

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