“All The Things A Man Can Write” By Sentual S.

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This is a e-book full of poetry with a variety of messages. I truly want to help someone out there or do something good with my writing. I know this book will bring good things to life and help someone out. Poetry and literature is one of the best ways to express yourself and that’s exactly what I’ve done with this e-book of poetry.

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Sentual Strong
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Chapter 1: Motivation

“Hidden Wings” By Sentual S.

Sometimes we question ourselves. Why am I here or what value do I have? Is there more for me out here, and what are tomorrow’s tasks?
See, deep down inside ourselves we all have a reason to be alive.
We sometimes may wonder how or why but there’s more to living for than to dying.
Other people will hate you and try to blind you with their opinions or lies.
It’s hard in this life, but as long as you, keep your eyes on the prize, you’ll always rise above those opponents and their tides.
Walk up to a mirror and take a solid look into your eyes.
Then ask yourself while you glare into your own eyes, “Did I accomplish enough where if today was my day to die? I be greatly satisfied?”
I am telling you right now that no matter where you are in life, there’s too much for you to do before saying goodbye.
Things may get hard sometimes, but they sooner or later get tired and slow down like a human tend to do.
If you see things through in this life, than you have no choice but to make it through.
It’s like flying towards your destination. If you keep moving forward sooner than later you’ll get there.
That same concept applies to whatever, you decide to do there or here.
So please be strong. Be you and live your life all the way through.
It doesn’t matter if you’re red, black, white, yellow, or blue.
Always be the best you can be and go as far as you truly desire to.
If millions of others have flew through the trials to succeed in what they do, so can you.

“Holding your own Hand” By Sentual S.
Today marks the day that I truly understand and fully accept that at some point everyone will forsake me.
No matter how long I’ve known a person or who they are, they’ll displease me at some point point.
It’s all fine though like minerals turning to gold, I may rust a little but I’ll still be whole.
All the disapprovals and refusals, just make my mindset and self-confidence grow.
Knowing that I can manage without someone else’s support or affirmation makes me indestructible.
I don’t need someone or something here to find my own worth or who I really am in this life.
Compliments or attention may help me, but it’s not necessary for my mornings and nights.
That’s right, I’ll be just fine and still be alive without someone else’s acceptance.
I don’t owe anyone anything and they owe me nothing too, not even attendance.
Through any storm, any sunshine, or the times of chimes I will still stand.
While I stand the trials of my life from start to end, I’ll always “Hold my own hand.”
After all, I’ve proven everyone wrong by showing them that I will win with or without them.
So really, if I’ve already done it once or twice, I could definitely do it again.

“If everyone walks out of your life, remember that there’s one person who will always be with you. That person will always be YOU and truly that’s the person, that will always guide you.”

-The Unknown

“Misty Dreams” By Sentual S.
There’s no telling what tomorrow will bring, the next day, or even the next minute.
“Dreams” are not what we start, but what we desire to finish.
Our minds and imaginations are more than what we tend to use.
Opportunities in life are truly limitless, but it’s up to us not only “dream” but to do.
All the colors of red, yellow, or blue originated from a person’s ideas and clues.
The gift of life gives us the right to create, craft, crown, and collect anything we put our souls into.
Things can always regenerate from all that’s old and all that’s new.
So, if you ever feel like “dreams” can come true, that’s a feeling that’s so true.
There’s only one you, and though people can “dreams” like you, no one will ever replace you.
So “dream”, “dream” far and wide until the you reach the endless space above the skies.
Spectators and haters will gossip and lie, but never let that stop you from giving it a try.
At the end of the day those ugly voices will mute to zero at some point and die.
Dream big and open your eyes wide so you can see from inside and outside.
Theres so many things this world can offer so many things at any given time.
It’s not your time to cry, my dear reader, it’s time for you to fly.

Once “dreams” are created, they sometimes pause but never die.
“Trying Beats Crying” By Sentual S.
It’s easier said than done but always try to remember that haters talk crap, they notice you and your stats.
They’re taking time, tension, and energy out of their day to focus on what you’re doing with your life.
It does get annoying and sometimes it hurts when someone talks dirt about you or to you.
Even though this is true just know that your actions out match their words to or about you.
You’re on the battlefield actually doing something while that person or people are sitting around, doing nothing, and running their mouths.
We all make mistakes, yes, but that doesn’t mean anyone should bash someone.
If you want people to respect you, you must respect them as well.
So always know that if you do good things, one person may not appreciate but there will, always be them, who will.
You are who you are, no matter how much someone tries to convince you to change, and as long as you’re not hurting anyone else, just keep being you in your own lane.

Actions always speak louder than words, and trying always defeats crying.
“Effort is everything” By Sentual S.
You can’t always promise success, and you can’t always claim that you’re the best but you can always do your best.
Life has failures and successes for me, you, and for all the rest.
We all make mistakes and face issues that leave strains in our necks with inner wrecks.
Even though we face pain, it’s best to still do your best even when your whole body says no but the blood-pumping organ still says yes.
The fingers will press and people will run under pressure and stress but I encourage you to use your effort at your worst and your best.
Even when the answer we want is a no instead of yes, there is always another chance to find success.
Time ticks and tock which means you should always do your best to reach your goals without waiting for tomorrow or the next day.
Those people who judge you under stress are secretly insecure or jealous of you for doing your best and not stopping because of life stress.
Every day is the day to spread your seeds in the garden to gain more experience and to learn how to accept failures or success.
The more you try your best, the more you practice, then the more you’ll improve even when you’re not at your best.

Keep trying. We all are just like you. We all have failures, yet see many wins in the end.
“Active” By Sentual S.
In life there are so many opportunities that some of us ignore on purpose.
We all have a purpose, and all of our efforts are absolutely worth it.
There are negative souls out there without a single goal and those are the people we need to avoid.
Like they say, “Misery enjoys company”, and there are those who watch and comment while they do nothing but talk and spread rumors to try to destroy working souls.
As long as you keep being and keep doing you those spectators will soon stop commenting about you because they’ll notice that aren’t stopping you.
This is so true for me and for you. As long as you aren’t harming anyone else, just be you.
There is always something for us to exercise, draw pictures, or even read a book or two to better you.
Then some of the others watching you, will also be inspired and start being productive just by viewing you and what you do.
In the Holy Bible, there is a bible verse stating, “The diligent hands rule”, and the more you do and the harder you work, the greater the possibilities will for you.
The skies are clear and blue. There will be obstacles in life but don’t let any of those challenges stop you from doing what you do.

Forever and more, there are always open opportunities out there for you to better this world and to better yourself.
“The Keep” By Sentual S.

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