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A bizarre collection of poetry

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It's as the title says, expect a roller-coaster of poems. The poems are of different themes and don't appear in the order they were written. Many poems are left untitled and most are disconnected with each other having a different experience from one to the next.

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The wall that suffocate Charon's lake

Constructed in slavery steel,
Surrounding hell like a wheel
That makes the dead go round
Perpetually suffering to a banshees sound,
Shackled by life's guilt,
Lust, anger, greed is how it's built
From the sins they're forced to hammer
However brought by the sickle,
Life and death can be so fickle
So hell brought work, order, unity
To the dead, it only brought tyranny
And a wall that made them free
With a lock lacking a jagged key.

River styx was drunken dry
For workers greed never dies;
Their work is never done
And rebel songs are often sung
While concrete stifles a missing river,
Plotted down on where it slithered
Meandering should to the underground
Where they're forever pickaxe bound.

Styx soon floods,
Transforms the mud
To a bloody cry,
Sins never to rectify
As the stygian comes
While the river runs
Lavished bones of gold,
Reminiscent of the old
Lives men used to live
Always having to give,
To give heart, to give coin,
Some even purloin
To the men of suit and tie,
The only ones who passed by
For Charon's price
All must be a sacrifice,
Doubtful dead got nothing to lose
Tireless work is what they choose
As both Satan and Hades
Send them to eternity, let's life become hazy
Till they desire not to live,
Souls find no corroborative
That life was ever real,
Forever they are sealed.
Now the boatman sails to their wall,
In abyss it grows ever tall
As their work is never done,
After life we work as one.
Work, slave, willfully shackle ourselves
As once we did in life, in poor health,
Life is but a fragmented dream
To those caught in Styx's streams.

Charon has no song to sing,
Forever silent is the boatman
Perhaps he speaks with a tongue of gold,
Gold, we mine for gold as we're told
it's what moves styx forever more
And we can meet our kin so sore
From life they soon will find rest
In the chains shattering our chests,
Suffocate in the fumes borne from furnace breath
And build the wall to keep us free,
From life, our enemy
For life takes and death gives
Or so goes the devil's tale that outlives
All born after creation.
We all have met Charon's fixation
For the material gold we no longer crave,
As death keeps us safe
Or so goes the reaper.
Like Charon he too is a keeper
Of the position to bring us hear
Yet he's met with more fear,
He harvests the souls of the poor,
Corporation hands feed Charon wanting more,
More. More men brought as slaves,
Fret not for hell saves
Where heaven is a drifters life
We work, work, work in strife!

We built over Charon's lake,
Never meeting sons and wives,
But we build it for our sake
As hell is full of the damned lives.
Charon crashes,
The afterlife clashes
With those above
Claiming to hold all love
But we house those who's mistresses are greed,
Those who dance with lust and hold gluttony on their sleeves,
Who satisfy lady rage and flirted with envy,
Too prideful to fall to the angel enemy
Stealing away all their sloth
To build a wall between us and their heavenly love
Even if it suffocated Charon's lake
We mustn't let our defences ever break
Or so Mr Hades and Satan says.

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