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A collection of lyrics, songs, and poetry. My father said I've been singing since I was three; no wonder why I've always wanted to be a performer. Now I'm a grown-up while looking through my documents I stumbled upon a folder: "Lyrics & Poems" My forgotten craft when I was a teenager. I still write lyrics whenever I'm inspired, and they're for my own eyes only. But here I am, sharing my innermost, deepest, darkest, and most cringe-worthy thoughts about friendship, heartbreak, pain, wishful thinking, love, and life, in general. xoxo, J.A.

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J. A.
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Not Good at Anything

Been telling stories since I was eight
Been reading books I couldn’t understand till I was twelve
Been playing songs since I was ten
Been writing lyrics that made no sense till I reached fourteen

All the things I learned from films
In all the journeys I have been
With all the bad endings of my beginnings
I knew what I’ve got with me

I may not be good at writing poetry
But I can paint words that will jump off the pages
I may not be good at anything
But I can show places you have never been

I was fifteen when I had realized
That I could do more than just sing
With all the worlds I see in my mind
I pour it all in my notebooks and wasted ink

With all my bad prose and plot holes
I tried to fix but they’re in disarray
I’d picture you right there in a stall
Still holding onto the arms of a stranger

And the only thing I could do
Is write what I would think of you
Silently hoping the odds will take a turn
A turn to me and open up my world

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