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Tonight the Stars Shine

Verse 1

The sun is setting right now, oh
And the ocean moves so light
The fire is crackling as we sing
this song we’ve made for fun

And you are here playing the guitar
Oh, how do you make me feel so good and great all the time?

Chorus 1

Oh oh oh the stars will shine this bright tonight
Oh oh oh the wind is cold I need to hold you tight

Verse 2

When you call my name, Oh my!
I can hear the angels sing
Your smile is all I need to see
When life is such a blur

Each time your eyes are on me, dear
I feel all these butterflies
Oh hun, you don’t know your worth to me
Your shine is like the stars above tonight

Chorus 2

Oh oh oh and the stars will shine this bright oh my!
Oh oh oh you don’t know how lovely you are, hun
Oh oh oh hold me close, my man
Oh oh oh The wind is cold I need you now tonight


The stars aren’t the only one that shine
Your smile lights up every time
Tonight the moonlight
Will give us more than just a good time, it’ll be a great life

Repeat Chorus 2
Repeat Verse 1

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