Memories & Treasures

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Chances & Regrets

Verse 1

I took you for granted
Not knowing I’d be losing you, one day
Never thought it would be more painful
Than bleeding my head when I hit that fence
And I couldn’t see anything


I was so sure, maybe I was just all feeling secured
That you’d still be here, to hold my hand
And make me smile every day

Chorus 1

I didn’t say anything
How much you meant to me
Now here I am, pouring it till my last breath
These chances and regrets

Chorus 2

I didn’t say anything
If I had another chance, I’d take it
Till you finally hear me, saying
“I love you”

Verse 2

You always knew even then
Whenever I felt sad cause I was different from them
You always knew what to say
Till I forgot all of their names

Cause you were always there
Alleviating each problem I faced

(Repeat Pre-chorus and Chorus)


If I could turn and twist back the time
I’d capture every moment so I could pause and rewind
Then I would still see your smile

(Repeat Chorus 1 then Pre-chorus and chorus 2)

Cause I do
I’d tell you everything
Even these chances and regrets

A/N: I've written this song after finishing The Letters of Sierra Charmonte. You can check it out on YouTube! LOL
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