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Too Late (For K)

Verse 1

When she broke the news, I hauled
I could remember it all
Never did to expect it
I was just joking around


It was the day when life was so easy
So why did everything turn grey from shining bright lights?


You’re never coming home again
Why so sudden?
I can’t believe it, babe
Nothing is sinking in

I don’t know
If you felt something too
Just between us, did I ever have a chance?
It’s too late for me to ask

Verse 2

Your smile is what I’ll miss the most
It used to make my heart yearn
But now, I can’t see, I can’t see
I’m filled with so much sorrow

Repeat Pre-Chorus
Repeat Chorus


Another thing I’ll miss is
when we were together
I’d never forget everything
Even if you’re not here, you’re in my dreams

Repeat Chorus

Oh, hun, I’m too late to ask
“Why are you embarrassed whenever I’m around?”

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