Memories & Treasures

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Memories & Treasures

Here I am
with my pen between my fingers
Looking down at our pictures

See me now?
Tears rolling from my eyes
Writing pain through these pages

I once told myself to never fall in love
I swallowed hard from that vow
Cause I thought you were the one

Hello, my love
Do you hear me?
Can’t you see me?

My heart is melting
Like a candle wax
You stepped on my broken heart

I thought it’d be better
but here I wondered
These walls surrounding were falling

Hear my scream?
I’m feeling better now really
I want to break this book with your balls in it

I think I’ll bury you
with these memories
and treasures of our youth

I’m alright
Don’t say you care, hun
I know it’s all pretend now

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