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Till Death Do Us Part

Verse 1

It was the sweetest thing
you held me through the years
Did not forget that ring
How you got down on one knee

Verse 2

The problems went through us
The way you punched the walls
The way we stood and fought
Through the years you were my one and all

Pre-Chorus 1

And now we’re dancing, smiling as I look at you
Your silver hair shines as the sunlight hits your eyes so blu

Chorus 1

The house we designed
The bed we used to crawl into
How we used to fight
Over the sheets but they smelled like you

Look how the time passed us by
Oh I’m glad to spend my time with you
I am glad

Verse 3

There’s no time for regrets
We used to stand on nets
We both knew we could fall
Like it was nothing more

Pre-Chorus 2

At the time you broke down, I thought the end had come
Tears ran, words spared, but you wiped them off and said

Chorus 2

“I won’t let you go
We both know this will come, my love
But still, I’ll hold on
I will hold on to you”

Look how the time passed us by
Like the old days had never gone, Oh I
Memorised each of your smile and knew you were the one

Guitar Solo

Chorus 3

I walked on that aisle
And saw you in your tux, my love
Your reached out to me
And we looked into each other’s eyes, saying

Chorus 4

“I’ll love you, baby
Always in sickness and in health
Till death do us part
Forever you’ll be here in my heart”

Oh look how the time passed us by
You’d grow old with me and now you are
I’m glad to spend my time with my love


From that moment onI knew you are the one

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