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Never Again

for K

All that we did, I stared at you
You stared at me
I swear I swooned
We’d both smile then our friends would tease

All I knew, you looked at me
Started to grin
Now, I wish you were here
to stay, my dear

All I want to say
I hate that day
You’ve gone away
I won’t see your face

It hurts me so much each day
To realize you’re gone, away
I wish I told you everything I wanted to say
But I’ll never see you once again

If I could ask God
I’d wish to see you smile again
But it was impossible
My words would never be heard

Your smile had caught my attention
When your friends used to say I’m around
They used to call me out
“Look, she’s here. Come, say hi!”

But I want to give my thanks
For you made my school days great
The inspiration in everything I do
I never thought it’s all because of you

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