Memories & Treasures

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Tears & Pain

Verse 1

As I laid, tucked in my bed
I could hear you whispering
“I am in love with you”

Verse 2

Here I wait for your call
Not even a text there’s no more
Did you really mean the words you’ve said to me?

Pre-Chorus 1

Sweet as sugar you were to me
Didn’t even care just waited and see
Now look I am pleading for your love back again
The tears and pain I’m getting in
From the love I wasted and in the end
Can we have just one more chance?


I miss how you hugged me from behind
The way you looked into my eyes
If only I could turn and spin back the time
I’d say “I love you” even if it wasn’t right

Verse 3

Recalling how it was back then
Never felt that in a decade
Why now I call, and you are not there

Verse 4

Why among of the girls
I was the one you chose, jerk?
Now my heart is shattered

Pre-Chorus 2

All the good you gave to me
Now all gone, why didn’t I see it?
In the end, I let myself be drowned again

Repeat Chorus

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