Memories & Treasures

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Time, what a strange word
Cause it brought us together
Time is inevitable
and can never be turned

It was right for you to mend my heart
But one day, I know it’s you who’ll break this part
Cause time is the one who parts life from death
and there’s no way that it will ever end

I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you
And I hoped, in some ways, you felt it too
Each day I make them count
Cause in some time, I’ll be with you somehow

I make every second count
Cause tomorrow we don’t know what’ll come
I know our yesterdays are histories
But right now I believe you are my destiny

Time, a strange word
Just like love, it is meant to be heard
That’s why I’m glad you spoke your words
Cause it’s been so long since I shut my doors

Let’s make our memories full
No one will cherish it just me and you
I’m not afraid to tell “I love you”
I feel loved and in love because of you

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