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What I Didn't Know Before

Verse 1

To be honest, I’ve been craving for something sweet
Here I wonder if the clouds taste like candies
I don’t know what has gotten with me,
But I feel fine whenever you are near

Verse 2

After all our talks, then I thought
You were in sorrow; I heard it in your voice
But, I’m here like your best friends, dear
You don’t need a mask, confide in me.


From the moment you’ve shared your insights
Even if you’re hurting, you still shower light
I’m charmed, that’s one thing I can’t deny
As if I’m munching full of sugar high

For showing who you are on the inside
From a distance, all I see is your smile
Why didn’t I notice it before?
To say the least, Hun... Now, I know.

Repeat Verse 2
Repeat Chorus


And that time the real you showed
From a distance, your voice was all I heard
I should just pour my all and go
With what I didn’t know before

Repeat Chorus

A/N: A song I’ve written for A Little Taste of Heaven.

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