Memories & Treasures

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Our Song

We were just kids
Playing on the same dirt in that preschool
Didn’t you know?
I used to have a crush on you

Then that day, when I was left out
You and your mum helped me
But you left me,
without saying goodbye

I remember your name
Though your face is a little blurry
I met someone but then he was taken away
But then you saved me again

We were just kids
Playing tag, I was chasing you
Didn’t know that
you have a thing for me too

Then that day when I saw you alone
I walked up to you offered my hand
But you left me
without saying goodbye

I remember your face cause of the pictures
We were so little, I met a lot of girls
But I never cared
as much as I cared for you

You were the hero I was looking for
I’ve never known I’m into girls
I never thought my prayers will come true
Though I never thought of that too

Now you’re here with me
Playing our song

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