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From a Distance

(for K)

Verse 1

They say it’s true when you miss a person in a roomful of crowd
They say it’s never real when you think of them by 2AM
But what they say is not the case cause they’re in your head
And there’s nothing you could do about it


That’s what I’ve been doing
But why each time I close my eyes
All I see is you, still smiling
You were my light


I stayed up all that night, couldn’t sleep right
Picked up my phone, checked it out in the middle of the night
You weren’t here so I pulled my notebook and my pen
I started scribbling words from my bed

Wish I could still hear your voice
Cause I can’t remember how you sound, anymore
Perhaps you can hear me, whispering your name
From a distance, you can see me writing away

Verse 2

April fourteen, I confessed, and you responded with a text
You told me I was beautiful, you didn’t know you made my day so incredible
But when May seventeenth came, the day I never thought I’d hate
I realised how much time I had before
Now I’m filled with regrets and sorrow

Repeat Chorus


If I’ve had just one more day
I’d hold you tight and say my thanks
Cause even in my dreams, to see you guiding me
I know, you’re watching over me

Repeat Chorus

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