Memories & Treasures

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My Heart

That moment when you looked with a smile
The feeling we both never had
A love, forgotten by the pain of the past

Now I know my heart should stop
I see the way you look into her eyes
Yes I know cause she replaced me

I’m not that good enough for you
Thought I knew your love would shine for me too
Now I stumble and fall, I can’t see the things through
Now I should pretend my heart is gone for good

I think I’m getting used to being hurt
People I know just come and go
I think I’ll never be as good as others, no

Now I know the truth about me and you
These painted colours turning to blue
If I could only just fade away
I’d throw my heart with all the pain

Moving pictures in front of my eyes
Like someone is cutting my wrist full of lies
I don’t want to feel this way again
I’d rather throw my heart with all the pain

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