Memories & Treasures

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Remember December?

I knew that this day will come
Just never thought how fast it has gone
The scent of your smell lingers through
like the song I did when I said ‘yes’ to you

Never thought these tears would run down my cheeks
Never thought we’d end up this easily
Cause I can still feel your lips on mine
But how can a mere misunderstanding ruin what’s right?

Can you still hear me when I call?
Do you still remember the 23rd of December?
You never admit it was your fault.
What you said pierced through like a sword.

Swear, I was an idiot to fall for someone like you
Cause no one ever tried to turn this red to blue
Do you believe in how we were?
We were young and in love that day of December

When you told me you wanted me to be yours
It made me feel ecstatic, but now I am filled with sorrow
The memories we shared, something missing, I wanted more
Like how you danced me to a 1D song on my bedroom floor

If we could only have just one more chance
To fill the air with love and warmth
I don’t know what you’re waiting for
But, do you still remember, the 23rd of December?

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