Memories & Treasures

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Easy A

Remember that night?
You were by my side
The light was right in your eyes
And I just couldn’t deny

You were looking at me
Then kissed my cheek, just playing the scene
My heart was beating so hard, you probably heard it
But then you just smiled and kissed my lips

I’m really out of the picture
I can see the pages like my heart being tortured
Now I know it’s you who to blame
Cause you took my all and threw it away

Yes! I knew you took me for granted
But I let you do this, touché
It is my fault anyway
Gotta get away from this hella place

Now here’s your chance to state your case
Here’s the chance to erase the blame
Cause it wasn’t that easy A

Now I am a part of your collection
I didn’t have any intention
And now the truth is in view
You are a liar, the only thing you want is you

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