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Remote Control

This is never a joke
So come with me
To the highest peak of Chicago

It’s a story of a boy looking at the view
Sunset’s beaming on his eyes which are colour blue
Just waiting for something new

There is a girl, living in the southern part of Spain
Struggles from the hands of nuns she says
“I gotta leave, I’m gonna live away from this place”

The battle between good and evil
Started now out of nowhere
Gotta move, gotta plan, not gonna lose

Heart to the soul, through the skin to the bones
Hard to move at all, I need a remote control
To move faster, you got to go alone

Just because of a stupid stunt
He was stabbed in the heart
Trying to protect what’s ours

Got to relieve this pain she feels
She doesn’t want to set him free
Just yet

She needs to someone to hold on
Cause she’s now out of control
You took away her love
No way to stop this war

The battle between good and evil
Discovered thy new power
Time to fight for what’s right,
are you gonna stand with us or not?

A fan-fic song I wrote after reading the I AM NUMBER FOUR series

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