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Torn in Two

Yeah, I was in the sky, I was soaring high, everything seemed alive
No one compares to him, yet he knows it well, now my heart’s in two.
I painted through the wall into his soul, sucked my heart, now there’s a hole
Cried more than should, how I feel for him, never mind, my heart is cold

Now how I feel is torn
No need to paint the walls
Take me down, take me home
Save my heart, save my soul

I should’ve told you what I exactly feel, now my heart can’t feel anything
Thank you for the sorrows. All the besiege, thank you somehow I even felt a thing
Never thought you are such a wimp, you made me love you then you just left me here
Cried so many tears, now I feel relieved you are such a weakling

Take me anywhere you want
I don’t care, I don’t need to stop
Take me to the end of the life

Take me out, I’ll be your lady
Do what you want, we’re not babies
Take me to the end of the life

Don’t worry I’ll be alright
Just come with me let’s invade the night
Make me feel, show me now what’s real
Just do it, no more deals

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