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That Someday is Today

This is for the people who fell in love madly,
turned out wrong, and never felt appreciated at all

Someday when I’m a little bit older
You’re gonna wish you haven’t leave me for her
Someday is gonna be that day
You’re gonna beg for my forgiveness and my yes, babe

Someday when I get a little bit slimmer
People will look at me as if I’m Venus, posing for pictures
Someday is gonna be that way
Cause when it happens, you might call me: “Hey, J!”

I knew our love was pure and true
But I realised you just played me all along
Why did you have to be so cruel
When you knew my affection was simple and strong?

I was so young, wait, not that young enough
But still, I knew I was matured to fall in love
The thing was you never gave your heart
Now, I thank you for being a tart

The thing was you never told the truth
About how foolish you were too
Just because you had a pretty face
It lacked the tone of your voice, A!

That someday is today
Now I know it, I’ll never let myself fall again
No, I don’t need a man to satisfy what my heart is missing
There are friends, family, sister, cousins, I love everyone around me

Cause I volunteer to save my heart from now on and on

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