Memories & Treasures

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Eight Years Later

Back when I was still thirteen
My eyesight was twenty-twenty
I used to wait for shooting stars
Not knowing my destiny was scars

In the span of four years
I wanted you to know my name
In the span of four years
Asked something that might never change

But now, the faux starlights lit my ceiling
I had to use my glasses to see
And though I tried to clear my mind
My eyes welled with tears as I sighed

Every night when the sky was clear
Didn’t mind if darkness was here
Laid awake as the stars burn bright
Not knowing that pain was in plain sight

You told me I was beautiful
And made me feel I’d never be alone
You told someone would see what you had seen
Made me believe I’d find who’d be worthy

Thrilled and expecting you’d be coming home
But then that day came, now I dreaded the most
We weren’t much, but you were a friend I missed
Eight years later, I wonder if you’re watching over me

Eight years later, I still wait for the shooting stars
Eight years later, you still cross my mind
Eight years later, I wish I can still hear your voice
Eight years later, I don’t remember much anymore.

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