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Gold Mine (16+ only)

You told me once when they were gone
“I’d like to take you here right now.”
Your blue eyes lit with fire all night
I didn’t say no, all I did was smile

This passion was the thing I lacked
You filled my mind, my thoughts, my rack
When you were done, you took me back
And kissed my lips with all you got


Do you want me or just the pleasure?
Do you see us riding through the night with this treasu-u-ure


Cause I’d like you to make me fine
Not just by you making me high, high, high
I want to know if you’ll be mine
So take me now and do what’s right, right, right

Could you be my
Could you be my
Could you be my
Ah ah ah my gold mine? (Repeat twice)

You told me once when they were gone
“How filthy, I want you here right now”
You flashed me with that devilish smile
And took my breath, you touched my *gasp*

Your breath was on my ears and I
My eyes saw stars, Venus and Mars
You grabbed my hips, opened me wide
The night intense you left me with scars

Repeat pre-chorus and chorus


Surprised fondling and sweet nothings
You stared with those lit blue fire eyes
Strong connections and flamed intimacies
You made me scream, “More, more, more! Christ!”

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