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Tell Me What I Need to Hear

Verse 1

I whispered in the air; I was okay
No need to worry; I knew life wasn’t easy


But when you looked down from the sky
Your cold hands enveloped mine
I had to gaze up to your eyes
And see your dazzling smile


Remind me I am brave
Cause we don’t know what lies ahead
Standing still, storm’s on its way
With monsters still under my bed

Your words will save me from this mess
From the harsh words inside my head
Tell me what I need to hear
So I’ll know you’ll be near

Verse 2

In a flicker of an eye, I heard my friends call my name
Center of attraction, I was never good at paying attention

Repeat Pre-Chorus
Repeat Chorus


Why would I ever go back
If only sorrow awaits me there?
But when I see you standing close to me hun
Your gift makes me feel light as air

Chorus 2

And when you look down from the sky
You cold hands in mine make me feel I’m fine
I gaze up to your eyes to see your dazzling smile

Your words have saved me from this mess
From the harsh words inside my head
You’ve told me what I needed to hear
Even though you won’t be here


Blinking you far away
Seeing it in your eyes,
I’m gonna be okay
Without you by my side

Co-written with Victoria Mañago-Schaper for A Little Taste of Heaven. 💙

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