Memories & Treasures

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Thank You

(Verse 1)

Fate took a turn different than the things we had planned
Thought we’d be together for a while
Guess, I should’ve been more persuasive
Show the things that I can

(Pre Chorus)

But that’s just how it goes
He has a bigger plan than I’ve thought


I want to stay
I wish that I could
But that’s how life is
We can’t get all we want
And when you remember
I hope you’ll smile

(Verse 2)

Thank you for the memories,
the bond, the friendship you have offered
Thank you, they will be forever in my heart
The videos and photographs

(Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus)


When you watch the videos
It will still make me laugh
All the things we’ve done and the fun we’ve had
All will stay in my mind
And my laptop

(Repeat Chorus)

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