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Please read it, it’s about my life and what I’m feeling and going through, I hope y’all like this sorry if it’s kinda corny. But please do read it it’s much appreciated if you do!

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Just a Poem

Hey guys this is just a little poem I made of my life right now and what I am experiencing, and I hope you guys really read it and listen to it. Just know we will all get through this together. Please tell me if I did well on writing this poem, and remember to stay safe!

My life was amazing, my life was great.

I had so many friends that had good traits.

They made me laugh, they made me cry.

I never should have said goodbye.

And so I left them all behind, to start my new line.

I started to build back my life, till Covid struck and shook my time.

So now I'm here sitting at home, wasting my life time on my phone.

Guilt and shame rain upon me, as I yell and scream at my family.

I wasted years just to realize that I need to move on so I can survive.

Heal my heart, and bring back joy, hopefully I will meet a boy.

To raise my spirits and lift me high, maybe I can, maybe I will, but I know that I can build a better life if I try.

Another reason this year is so bad is the election that made so many people mad.

Driving their hearts to do cruel things, America is not what it used to be.

It was so pleasant and so sweet till unfairness made peoples hearts so bleak.

Hopefully one day we'll be ok and stop this nonsense before it's too late.

Thank you for listening to my little tune and keep in mind this will all end soon.

Stay safe and have no fear for God is with us and maybe one day he will appear!
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