Small Town Secret

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Violence does not discriminate..

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We live in a small country town,
Population 2000 or so..

My husbands name is William,
Old folks call him Bill,
Mine is simply Flo.

I am highly active in the community,
Bill, a farmer now for life.
He was so handsome and loving
Fifty years ago,
When he took me for his wife.

All is not what it seems,
Behind closed doors,
As the years went by,
Bill was loving, no more.

You useless woman, he calls out to me,
You’re stupid and brainless, he continues.
Myself esteem, he crushes.
My tears he does not see.

With a broken heart, I face the world,
He laughs at me, and slaps me around.
He thinks he’s being cute..

I can’t tell anyone, this small town won’t
Understand, maybe it’s my fault,
So I continue to stay mute....

I walk around with bruises,
People pretend not to notice
They turn a blind eye,
Questions, they do not ask.

Bill is a loved community member,
A policeman in the past.

I didn’t have the heart to leave him,
When the kids were small,
I’m trapped in this living hell.
My heart has turned to stone.

So I pretend to be happy,
And continue to lie..
This abusive relationship,
I will remain in, and keep my small town secret
Until the day I die....

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