The Ill Incerpts of a Mad Man driven Sane

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this hence follows is; The Ill Incerpt's of a Mad Man driven Sane by Sanities extracted from lifes' Excerpts

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sometimes i feel like a yo-yo
most the time wondering where my life go?

going down with the help from gravity
my rope runs out, now its choking me

start the climb to go back up
but the rope gets tighter so now im stuck

in these times all i got is up or down
so when im feeling stuck i start to drown

find myself feeling stuck inside a maze
vision stuck in a hypnotizing gaze
no luck with my mind its too far gone in a haze
and when you start to let it sink in "im in this state"
and all hope starts to fade away and i quickly replace it with self-hate
and all in so that weight becomes a cage, so whats is, must be fate
but the sickest part of all is our lack of control
or our want to love all, but most of all our souls!
one moment we feel whole the next we're filled with holes
so when the bell tolls, all our sadness we recall
while we walk down the hall and see what others saw
then and only then
do we know you cant let life trear you like a Yo-Yo
before it lets us go
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