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This is a collection of poems, they are all my own original work. My work in not intended for children! Cover also belongs to me

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Prologue- Rainbow

Cyan, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Red, Green


Cyan is light and pure.

Kind and gentle.

You will find him in the treats you leave for Santa on Christmas Eve

In the dusty photo albums kept at the top of your closet

You will find him in your comfortable pajamas and fear of the dark

In your endless questions and forgotten innocence

You will find him in the eyes of your parents

And their unconditional love.


Blue is wise and logical

Calm and a perfectionist

You will find him in the stack of mysteries by your bed

In your morning coffee and evening tea

You will find him in the constellations and your classical music playlist

In your curiosity and excitement to learn

You will find him in your stubbornness to admit your wrong

And your willingness to accept the truth


Yellow is Quiet and sneaky

Caring and full of contradictions

You will find him in the box of secrets hidden in the deepest corners of your mind

In your instinct to persevere and come out the strongest

You will find him in your guilty pleasures and glass of fine wine

In your little selfish acts that make life worth it

You will find him in your denial

And your own personal truth


Purple is Strong and mysterious

Paranoid and dark

You will find him in your nervousness to talk to someone new

In the fear you feel when you get up on stage before adrenaline takes over

You will find him in your tense muscles getting ready to run

In your fist flying to protect yourself

You will find him in you fear

And your courage


Red is Bold and passionate

Strong and charming

You will find him in your late night creative spurts

In your journals full of narratives and barely fleshed out ideas

You will find him in the butterflies you feel in your first kiss and late night conversations

In your cheesy hallmark pickup lines

You will find him in your need to create

And your need to be found


Green is Greedy and sensual

Loud and unfiltered

You will find him in your midnight shopping trips

In your shamelessness and confidence

You will find him in the mirror when you look cute

In bad karaoke and binge watching lame horror movies

You will find him at the peak of your happiness

And when you land lower than rock bottom

Cyan, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Red, Green

The Colours that paint my mind

My heart

And my soul

The Colours that make me, myself

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