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How I feel about life, about everything in general.

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Chapter 1

I believe that kindness you gain people you can trust, people that can trust you. I believe that with kindness will come peace and without kindness there won’t be any peace.

When you know you have people to trust your life will be more carefree.

That there’s no one to love you when you build your walls too high. Meaning, lower your expectations. Don’t raise them to high, be reasonable. Life’s not a fairytale. Life’s not perfect. You have your lows and your highs, but you always have expectations. Don’t raise them too high because then you will have to prepare yourself to be disappointed. Have them low and then people will impress you and they will do more and be more. So I believe that there’s no one for you to love and no one to love you when you build your walls too high. No one to love you when you drown yourself inside.

If your expectations are too high, you will get used to people disappointing you. And that will make you a more sad person.

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