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A collection of lyrics written in my fucked up teen and adult years. Maybe someone can relate. I dreamt of being in a punk/rock/metal band but can’t sing or play. Contact me if you want to use my shit. Sorry In advanced for dragging you down with me. Read at own discretion. Trigger warnings for depression, alcoholism, anxiety, suicide and self harm.

Cat Xposed
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Black hole

This song is about all of the times when your emotions and your experience seems to take over. When there is no use in fighting anymore because you know you are going to fail, or have no energy left trying. It’s about how you sometimes feel like you are not living your life, but simply standing outside of your house looking in at someone else who looks and talks like you - but that isn’t even you.

It’s about feeling like a walking dead or being lived by someone else, while your true self is held captivated in a dark cold place defeated and left with no hope of returning. it’s about waking up the next day or the next moment with a fuck load of anxiety trying to piece yourself together but not having the slightest memory of how you were put together in the first fucking place.


Black hole.

Drag me down in the cold.

Make me feel like 1′m worthless again.

Make me feel like 1′m worthless again.

Black hole.

Give me the script for my new role.

Make me feel as cruel as before.

As cruel as before.

It’s taking over. It’s changing me once more.

All the logic from hours of thinking shuts behind closed doors.

It’s all a mess. A soap of nothing meaning words.

And all that just made sense has once again converted.

And I can’t take it. My mind is about to self-destruct.

Where did I land this time? I am all out of luck.

Who is this evil eye? that pushes on my goodbye.

Don’t feel in strength to be the head of my life crusade.

Don’t feel in power to analyze and understand my rage.

It’s getting weaker now. But it’s so hard to find the way.

I lose more of myself each time it leaves. Goes away.

It’s all a mess. a soup of different living characters.

And I can’t find myself as I was just intact before.

The black hole. Drags me down into the cold.

Keeps me from finding my parts again.

Keeps me from finding my parts again.

The black hole gives me the script for my new role.

Makes me feel more lost than ever.

So much more lost than ever.

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