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My secret


So what happens when you get that I’m not you?

So what happens when I do as not expected to?

So what happens when I wanna go my own way?

You are gonna laugh at me.

Not cause it’s funny. Not cause it’s sad.

Cause you got nothing to say.

Stop touching me. You know I don’t want you to.

Why can’t you listen. You never seem to ever do.

Get away from me. When I don’t want you around.

Stop digging. You’re gonna break when you have found.

My secret.

I’m yelling I hate this. I don’t like it. I never have.

If you could ever respect me. I would gladly take a bow.

So I’m growing up, I guess that’s the whole idea.

Give me my freedom. Just let me be. Let me be me.

You think you know how I feel. Think you know just what I think.

But the problem is. I’m not sorry. That to your level I will never sink.

You think you know me. You think you know what I need.

You can never know. You can never see my seed.

My secret.

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