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there are times
when she thinks of
the former version of herself

she has a mind of how soft she was back then,
how she smiles and laughs a lot,
how she expresses herself too often

she was a dreamer—
a girl with uncountable ambitions,
she spent almost of her time
to daydream and to keep awake
during moonlit night

her heart was kind and soft,
she was easy to be tickled
even for the simplest joke,
she could laugh the loudest

she was easy to yearn—
even before you say, “I'm sorry.”
she already forgave you

she was easy to condone,
a really “easy” kind of person,
thatʼs why she finally realized the reason
why itʼs always been easy for you
to break her

there are times
she's missing her previous self,
yet, she's firm enough
that she never wanted to be the same.

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