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itʼs been a while—
she can no longer recollect the day
when she first locked herself
inside her tiny, gloomy room,
she lost count already

itʼs been a while, she thinks,
she's now ready to open the door,
she missed watching the sunrise anyway,
sure, she will make herself a favor—
to finally decide and appear outside

as the heat of the sun kissed her skin,
she realized a lot of things—
she's not yet healed enough,
never been healed at the first place

she thought,
her wounds have finally been treated
because the pain was already gone,
but the fact is, she was just numbed all along

and as she travels her feet outside the room,
everything just caused her another wounds
she thought, she can now face the world,
without any fear, without any doubt,
with a pure bravery

it turns out that she was wrong,
she wondered,
"am I that sensitive girl?
or everything is just too insensitive
towards me?"

she feels like,
she's so far away from everything
and she has no idea on how to fit in

yet, she decided to never try to
because every time
she tries to step out of her room,
she's just regretting
that she ever opened her door
at the first place.
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