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she finally realized that,
sometimes, being left behind
by people she used to be with,
is a gain

these past few days,
she doesn't talk too much
and often treat other people
as if she does not yet know them well—
theyʼre all confused

they all asked why she turned that way
she's aware that she's hurting them
by stepping to their egos
and not giving importance to their presence
but, she chose not to apologize
because 'twas herself who owes the greatest apology—
for those days that she became so selfless

she's been considering other peopleʼs feelings,
trying her best to not to offend anyone
and protects them too if ever theyʼre in trouble
but, she couldnʼt even defend herself
and prove other people wrong
when they accuse her of something
that she has no idea about

she owes herself the greatest apology—
for being selfless
just so other people wonʼt call her selfish
but, sadly,
they made excessive use of her

she was never sorry
for hurting their feelings
and treating them coldly
she's just giving back the favor–
she's not an angel
to be a sweet-tempered anymore

and if ever they will all leave
because she turned into someone
farther than they used to be with,
she would gladly open the door for them—
after all, she doesn't need anybody
to make her whole
because whenever they are entering her life,
instead of completing her,
they are only breaking her more.
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