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A Story of Amerikkka

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Damian Peters
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Rich whites have convinced a large portion of their people of three things: they need not have agency to have power over the “others”, they need not understand the “others” for they will always be better than the “others” and there need not be any explanation, and that the “others” are the greatest threat to their way of life, which is undoubtedly simple and privileged.

Who are these “others?” I’ll put it simply, anyone who would have been shot, beaten, or attacked in the Capital Riots of January 6th 2021 are indeed “others.” “Others” would have never had the luxury of peacefully protesting in such a large group without provocation from Amerikkka’s forces, not in front of Amerikkka’s law makers, not so close to a symbol of Amerikkkan might, and certainly not storming the capital and holding politicians accountable for past atrocities they have never atoned for. These “others” would have been identified as “militants”, “terrorists”, “Un-American”, “Thugs”, and of course a myriad of dog whistles that bristle with prejudice. If the Latinx, Black, Asian, Immigrant, Native American, LGBTQA+, Muslim, (you get where I am going), communities had rallied, and rightfully so, the steps of the Capital would be bathed in blood. More than half the whites in Amerikkka would look on and agree with the bloodshed. They’d applaud the efforts of pigs and national guard in repelling the hoard of colored, different, and rightly angry “mob” of people. Coons from every corner of the nation would say their people have been misled, we shouldn’t fight for our rights, we should be grabbing a piece of the pie!

Who are these white people and who are these coons? They are all one in the same. Unmentionable, unconscionable, morally bankrupt individuals that represent nothing but personal values and the pathology of superiority. They will die without being remembered. May their spirits never find rest and if there is a God, may they never find the salvation that they so fervently deny our people of.

And what of the rest of the white people? Where do they fall in? Two categories: allies and accomplices. Allies are what you would expect from rational and empathetic people. They need not be formally educated, or religious, but true of heart, mind, and spirit. These are hard to find, but nonetheless exist. Accomplices probably account for the majority of the second half of whites. They are the “silent majority”, the middle Amerikkka that wants to deal with prejudice another day. They are complicit in prejudice of all of its forms. They are ignorant, disgusting human beings who couldn’t be troubled to carry out or inconvenience themselves with earthly matters of the “others.” They are everywhere Democrats and Republicans are. They are your rape apologists, your racism deniers, your “I have never seen ______ so it doesn’t happen.”

Welcome to Amerikkka.

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