Confounded Confinement

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What is the afterlife? What would it look like and what would our place be in it?

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Damian Peters
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Confounded Confinement

For those of you who believe in an afterlife, what is it like? If only the worthy are invited to this paradise do the rest simply perish? What is a Heaven if your loved ones burn in a Hell? The facts just don’t add up. If one is to be righteous and pious then they are to be rewarded for their faith. Their reward is an everlasting paradise, a farce of course, but let us pretend that this is true. Let us go by an example.

We have a family of four. Two are righteous and follow their faith impetuously. The other two are godless heathens and they follow no faith. They are what the faithful call, “lost.”

As time passes, they all must meet their inevitable end, and soon, everyone is dead. The two who were faithful live on in Heaven, they enjoy their eternity in a utopia, specially made just for them. They were promised everything, their religion stated that if they were pure of heart they would have anything their minds desire.

As the two enjoyed their time in Heaven they soon realised something… where are our loved ones? But, in Heaven, one must not feel sorrow, one must not feel sadness or regret. One cannot conceive of bad thoughts or pain. So they forget. Gone were the precious memories of each other and replaced was a manufactured ignorance. Gone was their organic love for one another, their shared pain, their comforting tears and words of encouragement. Gone was the emotional sacrifice one makes for one another. Gone was the empathy. Gone was their soul. In Heaven, they had forgotten. In Heaven, the very people in life they had hoped to save, the very people they called “lost”, they had become. Without our memories we are nothing of ourselves. Without our memories, we are nothing but dolls. Playthings. Husks!

In Hell, the other two burned. They were raped, maimed, broken, destroyed, crumpled, over and over again. They were tortured, they were given false hope and tormented beyond comprehension. In Hell their only company were demons who dined on their flesh, who came to laugh at their perpetual damnation. Every time they would expire they were born anew and another horrible fate awaited them.

Yet, in Hell, they still clung to their memories. They remembered their loved ones, the kind words of encouragement, the good times and the bad. They clung to these memories in their torment because the demons knew better. If they had taken what truly made them alive they could no longer scorn them. For if one is to lose themselves they no longer want for anything. Pain is pain, but with no direction it loses reason and credibility. So the demons, knowing this, provided them with all their memories from their past life. They gave them their souls.

You cannot crush what is not there, you cannot enjoy what is not present, you can’t see what is invisible.

So who would you want to be? Are our only options to rot in Hell or to lose ourselves in Heaven? I question it, no I deny it is of any significance! I bellow from the brightest perch in all the universe, I stretch farther than any natural or made mechanism, I screech louder than any explosion, I lunge faster than light itself… and yet, I fall deeper than the furthest abyss. For if Hell is eternal damnation and Heaven is blissful ignorance…

I’ll burn the brightest, but… I shall always remember who I am.

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