An ode to Aphrodite

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Here are some, spiritual, empowering and solivigant musings! I understand they are far from perfect, but here are some of my beautiful truths to you! Blessed be, thank you for being

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Mother Nature

We were taught to hate our bodies.
The soft warmth they offered.
We were taught to hate our bodies.
Through others being slaughtered.

What if we were taught to love our shells?
To treat them as our friends?
What if we were taught to love our bodies?
And we started to transcend.
past what we thought we knew.
and bloom into something more,
what if through loving this body, we grew.
And loved us to our very core.

why are we taught to hate this body?
when it does nothing but nurture,
why is it normal to hate our bodies,
why we hear her,
cry for love and food and glories,
why ignore her?
love your bodies,
with all that you are.
because your bodies are beautiful,
because of that pimple, that soft flesh, that scar.
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