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I'm an narrow minded optimist/pessimist at times, with all the best intention. As I am factual in my depression. Motivational & Deep Thinking.

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All we must do is test the waters, no longer dip our pedicured toes in the ripples.
Experiment all we can, before sweat drowns our relatives head, and we descend to the ground.
The one who knows, knows nothing to the individual's confrontation.
Innovation is amongst the broad, Edison strikes those with its wonderful bead.
So that one might gather, the capability they contain if they just allow themselves to tremble.
Perceive yourself to be sane, until you've allowed the insanity of risk in.
It lingers in the background of the alcoholics addiction,
Behind the hammering tele in your neighbors home,
In the farmer's field, swept away until we break concentration.
If you just permit heat to flush your countenance, your nerves to wobble the legs, and deprecating thoughts to resign in the very back of your head.
All it takes is action,
There is no facilitation in embarrassment or fear, because that very inconvenience is what bore the pursuit.
Chase and chase, until subterranean critters gnaw at your skeleton.
Because you cannot change, what one has not moved towards.
And you cannot run the journey to a faster course in inconsistency, and you must not conceive success to be manufactured without trial.
All you can do is bind courage to your hip and make a fool out of everything you are.
Fool yourself into abundance, take pride in your failures.
Where you are in life can only be accounted for by effort, not the difficulty of what got you there.
Goal yourself until you score, and do not measure time idly.
Do not compare, because hard work cannot be.
Award all, especially yourself in all the stress and excitement of adventure wayfinder.
Finances will crumble, they will rebuild.
Nothing is fixed, because you are not stoned.
Heed your heart, and have tea with your mind.
Because one should not carry so many regrets in life.
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