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Sha K
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Chapter 1

Song of spring

(Poems for kids)

1 The shining beauty

Shining moon, golden moon, the flower of the sky.

How beautiful is your shining!

Nightingales sing and night blooms in it.

The marvelous light that decorating the sky.

Oh moon, the shining lamp,

Where did you get this heavenly light?

Did you sink in the golden sea,

or did you steal the brightness of angles?

Oh moon, the shining beauty,

Please let me have some of your golden light,

the fascinating light of heaven!

I want to be a shining beauty like you,

an ever-shining enchanted beauty.

2 The garden of the angels

The garden in the sky,

the garden of the golden flowers,

the garden which blooms in the night and disappears in the day.

The magic garden that having no gardener.

The garden of the golden flowers having no fragrance, no nectar,

The garden where no butterflies come,

The garden where no seasons come,

The ever-blooming garden of night,

What is this garden? Can you tell?

This is the garden of the galaxy,

The galaxy, the garden of the angels.

3 The song of the valley

I heard a beautiful song sung by,

the breeze dancing in the valley.

A song of consolation,

a mind awakening tune of heart.

The birds joined along singing the chorus.

The raindrops came with thrilling rhythms.

The flowers that awakened in the song danced charmingly.

The trees made Blue Music clapping loudly.

Nature sings songs to make us happy.

What a lovely song, the song of nature!

Oh, the singing breeze, the friend of the valley,

I wish to hear your song always for a joyful day.

Your songs are the melodies giving consolation and happiness that inducing us to live.

This is the awakening song that refreshing life.

4 Mama Frog, the lazy frog

Mama Frog, the lazy frog,

funny frog the crazy frog,

wants to sleep always.

Mama doesn’t want to swim or sing.

Sleeping is the only entertainment of Mama.

One day friends called Mama to play in the water.

Mama shouted them to get lost.

While others swim happily, Mama slept lazily on a lotus leaf.

A rough n tough rain came with a crazy Rock n Roll.

The rain showered heavily, the river rose and skipped rhythmically.

Sleeping Mama got disturbed in the rain concert.

She opened her eyes and shouted the rain,

Jumping rain, roaring rain, the music of the devil,

go away, go away.

I want to sleep, I wished to sleep in peace,

go away, go away.

The dancing raindrops kept drumming hardly on Mama.

Having no way to get rid of the rain's drumming,

Mama jumped into the skipping violent river,

and swim terribly and funny.

Watching all of this fun done by the rain,

Mama’s friends laughed and danced together,

And they thanked the rain,

for letting Mama swim funny.

5 Butterfly, my tiny beauty

The shining butterfly, my tiny beauty,

come up to my garden.

Spring came to my garden with colors and fragrances.

Flowers have bloomed as the beauty of a rainbow.

The birds playing in the warm light of the spring,

have been tweeting charmingly.

Come up to my garden to enjoy the feast of the spring.

Let’s dance in the garden decorated by the spring.

Let’s play along with the naughty breeze.

Let’s sing in the fragrance of the spring.

Come up quickly to this magic beauty,

let’s nibble the sweetie nectar of the spring.

6 Dolly the little lamb

Dolly the little lamp of Lilly.

The whitish beauty wears a bell on the neck.

While Dolly playing up the hill, a funny rain came with a song.

Dolly danced with the singing raindrops.

The lightning and thunderbolt joined soon in the dancing.

The dance turned into a crazy Rock n Roll..!

The little Dolly feared and ran away seeking shelter to hide.

A canopy of a tree sheltered the little Dolly.

After a while, the Rock n Roll got over and,

shining daylight came out to call Dolly,

Dolly the little beauty got relaxed,

on the pleasant call of the daylight,

and came running peacefully.

7 My hero

I have a dog, a thankful dog.

I wished him to be a tiger.

So I named him tiger.

But later I came to know that he can’t be a tiger

Because he was not dared and strong enough as a tiger,

So I changed his name to leopard,

and wished him to be a leopard.

But he couldn’t be a leopard as well,

Because he can’t climb a tree as the leopard do.

Of course, he can't ever be a lion too.

Then what he can be true?

Mind answered me quickly.

He can be a loyal dog serving you honestly,

which those above heroes can’t be.

Loyalty is more valuable than courage and strength.

So I wished him to be a loyal dog,

and a friend who is my well-wisher.
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