A Pint of Poetry

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Take a look into my creative outlet with each poem. The deeper you go the less there is to find.

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My love for you is just an addiction
You're bitter, but I drown you in sugar
The darkness of your heart is lightened with the creamer I pour inside your mug

My lips are drenched by your kiss
My throat burns from your words; it's a lot to swallow
You keep me up at night, no matter how much I want to sleep

I want to stop drinking you but you pick at my brain
It became a routine to brew every day
To stir you around in a concoction that made you sweeter

But no amount sugar
And no amount of creamer
Will ever change the fact you're only caffeine

A drug
A pain
A habit

I need to cut down on the caffeine
I need to cut down on you...
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